IMAGES adam revington

Showrunners, Bel Ami, Los Angeles (forthcoming)

Non-Music Life, Assorted Footage & Projects, Main Street, Toronto
Lark, Macfarlane, Los Angeles
Souvenirs, The Loon, Toronto
Eggs, u's, Calgary
Heads (curated by Sky Glabush), McIntosh Gallery, London
Flea Market, The Loon, Toronto
Edition Art Book Fair (with Edna Press), Toronto DIY Karma Kit, Support, London Communauté, EVAC, London W.W.O.O.F.I.N.G, Vie d’ange, Montréal Homestead, Carl Louie, London Spiral Getty, Dupont Projects, Toronto UK Performance Festival, Green River Project, New York Curatorial Projects Carl Louie, Toronto, Ontario, 2016 - 2019 Raising Cattle, Montréal, Quebec, 2015 - 2016 Contact adamrw119@gmail.com